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Dennis L. Gore, CPA has done an outstanding job with keeping my business in line and keeping me informed with the latest tax changes. I highly recommend Dennis and his staff for any tax or financial consulting.
– Nick Matutina

My problem was with the IRS. In the early 90s I invested in a cattle breeding program which had cattle in several states. I was using this as a tax shelter for about six years. At the end of that time the IRS took the corporation and all the partners to federal court, the operation was judged valid and valid again at a second court. The third court gave a judgment in favor of the IRS. The litigation process took several years. In 2009 I received a bill for almost $500,000 which included penalties and interest from the beginning of my investment process; no profits were ever gained by me from this investment. At the time of receiving the bills (one bill for each year) I had only been working part-time for almost two years. I owed more than I would ever be able to pay; I also had reached my mid-60s and my future working years were limited. Dennis Gore was recommended by a friend and we went to him for advice. He took on our case and worked diligently to resolve the issues involved. He researched the information on file and represented us with the IRS in an arbitration meeting. Through his many hours of work he reached agreement on our behalf. We could not have done this on our own so are very grateful for all his hard work.
Ralph & Carolyn Elroy