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Track Your Refund

When will you receive your refund?

The answer depends on how you filed your return. The IRS should issue your refund check within six to eight weeks of filing a paper return. If you chose to receive your refund through direct deposit, you should receive it within a week. If you use e-file, your refund should be issued between two and three weeks.

You can check on the status of your refund by clicking on the links below.

Check Your Federal Refund – Click here 

Check Your State Refund – Select State


Tax Due Dates

January 2017
Employers – Give your employees their copies of Form W-2 for 2016 by February 1, 2017. If an employee agreed to receive Form W-2 electronically, post it on a website accessible to the employee and notify the employee of the posting by February 1.

January 1
Employers – Stop advance payments of the earned income credit for any employee who did not give you a new Form W-5 for 2017.

January 11
Employees who work for tips – If you received $20 or more in tips during December, report them to your employer. You can use Form 4070 Employee's Report of Tips to Employer.

January 15
Employers – Social Security, Medicare and withheld income tax. If the monthly deposit rule applies, deposit the tax for payments in December 2016.

Individuals – Make a payment of your estimated tax for 2016 if you did not pay your income tax for the year through withholding (or did not pay in enough tax that way). Use Form 1040-ES. This is the final installment date for 2016 estimated tax. However, you do not have to make this payment if you file your 2016 return (Form 1040) and pay any tax due by February 1, 2017.

Employers – Nonpayroll Withholding. If the monthly deposit rule applies, deposit the tax for payments in December 2016.

Farmers and Fishermen – Pay your estimated tax for 2016 using Form 1040-ES. You have until April 15 to file your 2016 income tax return (Form 1040). If you do not pay your estimated tax by January 15, 2017, you must file your 2016 return and pay any tax due by March 1, 2017, to avoid an estimated tax penalty.